Dance Styles / Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Waacking

What do you want people to get from your class?

I want people who take my class to be free and recognize their character and personality through their dance. I want them to take on a dance style and project their own story through it. I want them to know that this culture is more than fame, talent and ability. It is about how you think and the value you have as a person, no matter the race, ethnicity, age or social class. I want them to learn more about the movement, history, fundamentals, values and principles of the dance they are learning. I want them to have a space where they can be themselves, where they feel safe and comfortable, where they can enjoy growing and advancing in their dance and knowledge.

What motivates you to dance?

I keep dancing because in dance I found a shelter and a life project. A large part of my motivation is to be able to share my knowledge with other people and see how they grow and develop their full potential. I am also constantly learning from my students who very often contribute to my development as a dancer, as a teacher and as a person.

What are some highlights of your career as a dancer/choreographer?

I started dancing in 2012 in a dance company named SoulBeat which was directed by José Luis Cuesta (Qfaces). There, I learned the different styles of Street Dance, House, Popping, Krump, Hiphop, Breaking, Raga-Dancehall, Locking and waacking

I have competed nationally and internationally in different championships: Dunkan Dance Festival, Hip-hop International, Pereira Hip-hop, Manizales Dance Camp among others. I have participated in the Amateur, Professional and MegaCrew categories occupying the first positions.

I love continuous learning, so I have traveled to different places to take workshops with different teachers of different styles:

LOCKING – Lucy Cobaleda (Colombia), Tiffany Jimini Bong – Flockey Oscor

HOUSE – Jose QFaces (Colombia) – Miss Funk – Versastyle (L.A) and Kapela. (Pure Street Peru) 

CHICAGO FOOTWORK – king Charles (Pura Pru Street)

POPPING – Breeze-Lee. (USA) – Guelmy Bombache FC Crew. (Venezuela) – Bogaloo sam. (Pura Calle Peru) – Popping C. (Pura Calle Peru) – Jaja Vaňková (Czech Republic) – Soo EXPG (N.Y) HIP-HOP – Buddha Stretch and Henry Link, Elite force crew. (US) Luigi funkdation. (Mexico) KRUMP – Pharside Academy of Villains. (THE)

JUDGING WORKSHOP – Bboy- All style Giova Breakill and Laura Avila (Colombia)

Classes with Carolin Mateus