Class Schedule for The Next 7 Days

Below you can check our full weekly class schedule. For daily schedule updates, follow us on Instagram @houseofeights or call us directly at (902) 499 1830.

Here’s a quick guide to help you pick the right classes for you:

Intro to Dance:

“I am an absolute beginner and want to get comfortable with the basics, applicable for any style of dance”

No matter what dance styles you might go into later, you want to have a strong foundation. This course is for absolute beginners new to dance, or experienced dancers seeking a stronger foundation. In just 6 lessons, you’ll learn common terminology, practice many universal steps, how to count and feel the music, how to remember and perform choreography, and how to improve your flexibility, and learn the physics of turning. With this new skillset, you’ll be able to take on choreography in any style with more confidence!

This level is only offered via Group Sessions or Private Lessons. Highly recommended before attended drop-in classes. Learn more here.

No dance experience needed, just a positive attitude! 

Beginner Foundations & Technique:

“I have recently graduated from the Intro to Dance course and want to get comfortable with the foundations of specfic dance styles”

These classes will focus on foundations and technique for specific styles of dance. The classes will focus on drilling grooves & technique, feeling the music, body awareness, control, and an elevated quality of movement. The perfect place to work on the basics before jumping into any choreography classes.

Recommended Experience: Graduating our Intro to Dance course, or having some creative movement background (i.e. gymnastics, baton, pole, etc). 

Beginner/Intermediate Choreography:

“I’m comfortable with the foundations for this style and want to start picking up choreography”

Start practicing choreography, unique to every instructor. Perfect for anyone who is starting to feel comfortable with foundations and wants to work on stylized choreography, musicality, and performance. When you take class, you get to experience different ways of fitting foundations together in a unique way, through the choreographer’s style.

Recommended Experience: some previous dance experience, or a recent graduate of our Intro to Dance course with a strong grasp of dance foundations.

Intermediate Choreography:

“I’m an experienced dancer with strong foundations and am looking to push myself” 

For dancers looking for more of a challenge than a beg/inter class. The focus will be on challenging experienced dancers to help them grow. 

Recommended Experience: strong grasp of dance foundations as well as comfortable in fast-paced beg/inter choreography classes.

Advanced Choreography:

“I’m an experienced/professional dancer with lots of training who is looking for a challenge”

For dancers seeking a challenging, fast-paced, and complex class. These classes cater to very experienced dancers, pre-professional, and professional dancers. 

Experience: extensive dance training with strong foundations, as well as comfortable performing in various levels of choreography classes.

Please note: we do not base our class levels on “years of experience” as everyone progresses at a different pace and is on their own unique dance journey. Please read our level descriptions and find what feels right for you based on your personal experience and comfort level. Keep in mind that every instructor has their own unique style and their choreography may challenge you in different ways in each class. If you’re new to learning from a certain instructor, it may take a few classes for you to get accustomed to their unique choreography and teaching style. Have fun, and be kind to yourself as you take on these new challenges!

If you’re not sure where to start, book a free intro to chat with us so we can help you start on the right foot.