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Here’s a quick guide to help you pick the right classes for you:

What is a drop-in dance class?

In traditional dance studios you often have to register for the entire year, and commit to attending class the same time each week, often working towards a routine for a recital or competition. A drop-in dance class is open to EVERYONE, and you learn new choreography in every class.

No auditions. No competitions. No commitments. No judgement. Just dance.

Level 1 – Beginner Foundations & Choreo

“I want to have fun learning the basics of different dance styles and practice simple choreography”

When it comes to learning any choreography, having a strong foundation makes all the difference. Level 1 Beginner classes focus on practicing the basics and strengthening dance technique. In every class, we’ll be breaking down and drilling common movements for the style, followed by a short piece of beginner choreography where you get to have fun and experience different ways of fitting foundations together.

Recommended Experience: No experience required, just a positive attitude! If you want to enhance your learning experience, we recommend taking these classes along with our progressive courses.

Level 2 – Intermediate Choreography:

“I’m comfortable with the foundations for this style and want to challenge myself with stylized choreography, musicality, and performance.”

Practice performing choreography, unique to every instructor. Perfect for anyone who is starting to feel comfortable with the foundations and wants to challenge themselves.

Recommended Experience: confidence in Level 1 Beginner Classes and familiarity with the foundations of the style.

Level 3 – Inter/Advanced Choreography:

“I am seeking a challenging, fast-paced class.”

For dancers looking for more of a challenge than a Level 2 Intermediate class. The choreography is often fast-paced, with some movements that require a strong foundation and technical training in the style.

Recommended Experience: strong grasp of dance foundations as well as comfortable in fast-paced Level 2 Intermediate choreography classes.

Please note: we do not base our class levels on “years of experience” as everyone progresses at a different pace and is on their own unique dance journey. Please read our level descriptions and find what feels right for you based on your personal experience and comfort level. Keep in mind that every instructor has their own unique style and their choreography may challenge you in different ways in each class. If you’re new to learning from a certain instructor, it may take a few classes for you to get accustomed to their unique choreography and teaching style. Have fun, and be kind to yourself as you take on these new challenges!