Looking to perform? Maybe you’re an experienced dancer who misses performing, or you’ve been taking drop-in classes and want to learn what it’s like to be a part of an entire piece? If you want the specialized training, comradery, and social aspect of a performance group, without the long term commitment, our Performance Programs might be for you!

These programs are open to any experienced committed dancer – build your program based on your schedule, dance experience, and styles you’re interested in. This is a great way to work towards an end goal, supplement your drop-in classes, and gain exciting performance experience at our end-of-term showcase!

Program Details

For adult dancers ages 14+ (Heels is 18+)

In each program, you will learn a piece of group choreography where you work towards a term end showcase.

Supportive, non-competitive environment – the focus is on your growth as a person, dancer, and performer.

Pay per program, with monthly payment plans. 

Programs are offered in various styles, from Beginner/Intermediate to Advanced. 


Exciting performance opportunities.

Consistent training with a dedicated instructor. 

Photoshoot where dancers have the opportunity to have professional headshots taken. 

Monthly drop-in members get 10% off Performance Program fees.


Programs are 10 weeks long, with one weekly 1 hour practice (unless noted otherwise).

Students will be required to be available for their term-end stage performance, including a same-day tech rehearsal directly beforehand. 

Additional rehearsals may be scheduled during the two weeks prior to the showcase if further practice is needed.

Please note that you are required to attend all sessions of your programs. Failure to attend may result in your removal from sections of the choreography or the full program.


Our April Showcase will be on Saturday April 27 2024 in Halifax, with a same-day Dress/Tech rehearsal.

Winter 2024 applications are now closed.


Fees can be paid in 3 equal monthly instalments. Monthly fee is based on how many programs you are placed in, as follows: 

One Program: $65/month x 3 months ($195 total)

Two Programs: $126.66/month x 3 months ($380 total)

Three Programs: $185/month x 3 months ($555 total)

Each Additional Program: $60/month x 3 months ($180 total)

Fees include: program fees, live stage performance, professional performance footage, memories of a lifetime. 

Drop-in Monthly Members receive 10% off their performance program fees.


In this application you will be asked to:

  • Provide contact information
  • Answer a few questions about your previous dance experience
  • Select the programs you would like to apply for.
  • Submit links for up to 3 videos of yourself dancing (optional but recommended, especially if you’re applying for programs at an Intermediate level or above). 

Winter 2024 applications are now closed.

Applications for Fall 2024 will open early September 2024.


For our Beginner/Intermediate Programs: We recommend being comfortable in our Level 1 Beginner classes to sign up for these programs. If you’re new to our studio, we recommend having roughly 1 year of dance experience and being familiar with the foundations of the style.

For our Intermediate Programs: We recommend being comfortable in our Level 2 (Intermediate) classes to sign up for these programs. If you’re new to our studio, we recommend having 2+ years of consistent dance training, with a strong foundation and previous performance experience. 

For our Inter/Advanced and Advanced Programs: These programs are for dedicated dancers who are confident in advanced level classes in a variety of styles and are consistently training for professional dance opportunities. Must have strong choreography pick-up and retention as well as previous performance experience.

You are welcome to submit to be in multiple levels (i.e. both Intermediate and Advanced Heels) should you want more opportunities to perform.


  • NO refunds will be given after a program begins.
  • If a program is full and you’re waitlisted, you may be accepted into a program after the first session. After the second session, no further students will be accepted from the waitlist. 
  • You cannot drop into a program session. Please check our drop-in class schedule if you’d like to attend drop-in classes.
  • There are no credits or refunds for missed sessions.
  • If House of Eights cancels a session for any reason (weather, instructor illness, etc) a make-up session will be offered at an alternative time that works for the instructor and majority of the students.
  • If a program is cancelled due to uncontrollable circumstances (i.e. COVID-19, etc), no further charges will be processed. Refunds cannot be given for rehearsals already completed.
  • House of Eights may cancel a program before it begins due to low registration. You will be notified the day prior to the program beginning if a program is cancelled, and will receive a refund for that program.
  • If you miss a program session, the instructor has the right to not include you in the section of choreography taught on that day. 
  • If you miss 2 of the first 3 sessions, or miss 3 or more sessions, the instructor and House of Eights reserve the right to remove you from the program without refund or remove you from certain sections of the choreography.