Do I need to sign up for classes ahead of time?

Signing up ahead of time is recommended. Space is on a first-come-first-serve basis. You can sign up ahead of time on the Mindbody app or on our website. If you need assistance, please come to class 10-15 minutes early and your instructor will be able to help.

Should you decide to come to class last minute and there is still space available, you may sign up online at the start of class through the Mindbody app on your phone.

When can I start?

Most of our classes are ongoing drop-in so you can start anytime you like. This means you drop-in to a beginner class if that’s your level, and when you feel you have improved to the extent that it is not challenging anymore, you move on to the next level. We also have Street Foundations/Grooves classes for those wanting to work on the basics without choreography -if you’re an absolute beginner we highly recommend these classes.

How are the classes structured?

All of the classes start with some kind of warm-up exercises. After the warm-up, you work on short grooves or technique exercises dependant on the style, followed by a choreographed combination that changes week to week.

What if I have never taken a dance class before?

We welcome all beginner dancers and have classes designed just for you!  Our Foundations and Beginner classes are designed for those students who have little or no training. We recommend you start at these levels and progress to higher-level classes the more comfortable you become. Classes that do not have a level specification (i.e. Open Level) are good for all levels, including beginner dancers.

If you’re a new student, we offer a 2-week unlimited pass so you can test the right level and style for you.

How do your levels work?

Here’s a quick guide to help you pick the right classes for you:

For beginners who have never danced before. You’ll learn all the basics at this level without any choreography.


For those with little or no dance background. A slower-paced class where you work on simple choreography.


For dancers looking for a bit more of a challenge than a beginner class. Some dance experience recommended.


For dancers who prefer a challenging, fast-paced, and complex class.

What if I’m late to class?

We do not allow students into class 20 min after the start time of the class. This is to ensure you attend proper warm-up to avoid injury, and to not disrupt the other students in class. We ask all students to arrive 5 minutes before classes start to sign in and give yourself enough time to prepare for class.

I have a monthly membership but I’d like to pause or cancel it. How may I do this?

Please send an email to [email protected] with the reason for pausing or cancelling your membership, as well the date you’d like for it be canceled. If you are going away for a period of more than 1 month (i.e. away for the summer), just let us know your return date and we can auto-renew your membership for when you’re back. 

Are there showers?

We have one all-gender washroom with a shower however you would need to bring your own towel and toiletries.  We have a small lounge area in the studio where you may keep your belongings. 

Do you have a water fountain or vending machine?

We recommend you bring your own water bottle to stay hydrated, but we do have a water fountain should you need a refill. We do not have a vending machine.

What is the dress code for classes?

Dress code depends on class type. We enforce a strict No Outdoor Shoes policy to keep our dance floors clean and safe. If it’s snowing or raining, wet shoes will not be allowed on the dance floor.  

What type of shoes do I wear for class and where can I get them?

It is important that you come to class prepared with the proper footwear. We enforce a NO OUTDOOR SHOES policy on our dance floors.

Hip Hop/Jazz Funk/Street Jazz/K-Pop/Grooves/Urban:

Indoor or clean running shoes/sneakers.

Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical, and Musical Theatre:

Barefoot, foot undies or non slip socks are best. Remember for these classes you must be able to point and flex your feet easily.


While heels are not mandatory to take a heels class, they are strongly encouraged (it is a heels class after all), so don’t be stressed if you don’t have the right kind just yet. The most important thing is that your heels have good foot/ankle support. This is essential so your heel doesn’t fly off in the middle of a combo and to prevent rolling your ankle while dancing. Your heels should have straps or material that cover a good portion of your foot and ankle. High ankle heels/booties are the most ideal. Platforms and wedges are discouraged as your foot will be unstable in them (chunky heels are fine). The ideal height for dance heels is between 3-4 inches, but you can go lower if you aren’t comfortable dancing in higher heels just yet. For more experienced dancers, consider a stiletto heel. They may look a little intimidating but it makes a massive difference.

Also, consider avoiding pointed toe heels as they get in the way with floor work and distort quickly. You can definitely wear them but note that some things may be a little more challenging in them.

Are there an age requirement to take classes?

Our classes are geared towards adult dancers, 16 and above. Dancers between the age of 13 and 16 can attend classes with parental consent when registering online. The only classes with a strict age restriction are Heels (16+), Vogue (16+), and CannaDance/Improv (19+).

Please note our music may include explicit language.

How do I pay for my classes?

You can pay for classes on our secure website or through the Mindbody App. We accept all major credit cards through our online payment system. If you cannot pay via credit card, please email us to arrange for an e-transfer payment at [email protected]. Note that we do not carry cash at the studio.

How do private lessons work?

Private lessons can be taken in any style or level of dance with your instructor of choice, pending availability. These private lessons can be small (1-2 people) or for a large group (i.e. bachelorette party or team-bonding event). We book around your unique schedule and progress at your own pace. Lessons can be held in your own space (if available) or at our home studio in downtown Halifax.

Please email [email protected] to set up any private sessions. We do our best to accommodate your schedule.

What is a “K-Pop Cover Class”?

This is a class for K-Pop fans to learn the dances of their favourite K-Pop music videos. You will dance to K-Pop hits with a room full of other like-minded K-Pop fans, while also working on improving your dance technique and performance skills.

Is there parking?

We do not provide parking but we do have a popular bus stop right in front of our door. If you are driving to class, please allow time to find street parking downtown or park in any of the paid parkades or parking lots nearby. More information on downtown parking can be found here: https://downtownhalifax.ca/parksmart