Dance Styles / Contemporary, Jazz


Rachel Kelly (she/her) is a passionate emerging artist and dance educator. Rachel began her  dance training at the age of four recreational training in ballet tap and jazz. In later years Rachel  switch to competitively training at East Coast Dance Academy from 2012-2018. She opened her  repertoire of style to include contemporary, modern and acrobatics. 

After graduating from high school, Rachel moved to Toronto, Ontario where she attended  George Brown College in the Dance Performance program. After training at George Brown for  two year, Rachel graduated with a diploma in Dance Performance. During her time at George  Brown Rachel had the opportunity to work many amazing teacher and choreographers including  Hanna Kiel (Human Body Expression), Anisa Tejpar (Hit and Run Dance Productions), Darryl  Tracy and Tina Fushell. While located in Toronto, Rachel trained with Proartedanze in their  summer intensive program in 2019.  

Since relocating back to Halifax and starting her professional career, Rachel has worked with  Nova Scotia based choreographers Stephanie Mitro, Amey Rahey and Abady Alzahrani.  Passionate about teaching, Rachel works at multiple competitive dance studios in Nova Scotia,  teaching a range of styles, ages and abilities. She has also choreographed multiple competitive  routines for young dancer as well as choreographing for House Of Eight Performance Program. Rachel was also a member of the Thunderbirds Dance Team for the 2021-2022 season. In her  professional career Rachel has further expanded her repertoire to commercial based styles  including heels and jazz funk.

What do you want people to get from your class?

My top priority for dancers in my classes is that everyone feels comfortable. Feeling comfort helps a person to fully let go and express themselves while dancing. I always try to express to dancers that it’s not about being perfect, what is important is that everyone leaves the studio feeling more enriched, happy, emotional, full, and excited than when they entered. Creating a space where everyone is welcoming and we as a community can grow and have fun while learning a bit more about the art of dance.  

What motivates you to dance?

Dance has and will always be a huge part of my life. I can’t picture a time in my life without it. It’s a natural instinct to dance and to create. One other factor that majorly pushed me is the amazing community of dancers at House of Eights. Having that drive to do what you love and do it alongside others is such a rewarding experience.  

What are some highlights of your career as a dancer/choreographer?

Growing up in Nova Scotia I got to train and learn from some amazing teachers and choreographers. They guided and helped me along my path to train professionally in Toronto in 2018. Since moving back home I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside them. I am incredibly grateful to work with people who I feel made a huge impact on me growing up. I have reached goals I’ve dreamed about and I’m excited to create new dreams and work towards those as well.   

Classes with Rachel Kelly