If you’ve danced with us recently, you’ve probably noticed our building has been under construction since August.

In the last week of October, our landlord dropped by to let us know that he is converting the building to apartments. Two days later, he sent a notice to vacate by November 30th (over two years before our lease is supposed to end). This gave us just over a month to secure, build, and move a whole dance studio. 

Long story short: we’re getting renovicted. 

The Bad News: we tried our best to get an extension past November 30th, but our landlord did not cooperate. We are still in the process of finalizing and building a new permanent space for our dance community, however, this will likely not be ready until early Spring. 

The Good News: we’re not closing our studio. We’re super grateful that the folks at the new Lighthouse Arts Centre on 1800 Argyle Street will be providing us with a temporary space to run our classes and programs until our new home is built. We’ve been working very hard to make this temporary space fit for a dance studio and we can’t wait for you to join us there! 

The last day of classes at 1533 Barrington Street will be Tuesday, November 29 2022.

The first day of classes at The Lighthouse Arts Centre  (1800 Argyle Street, 3rd Floor) will be Wednesday November 30th 2022.

We are sad to leave our home so suddenly, but we’re very excited to build an even better new home for our community in the new year. This is just the universe’s way of pushing us into bigger and better things. We appreciate your continued love and support these next few months. 

Let’s finish off our last couple of days on Barrington Street with a bang! See you in class <3

Lots of love,