Zomi Tombing

Fusion Choreography,  K-Pop

What do you want people to get from your class?

For anyone who comes to my class, I hope to provide them with an enjoyable time surrounded by others who also share the love of dance. I want people to be able to feel comfortable in this welcoming space and infuse their individuality, personality, and interpretations into my choreography. I love seeing how a sound can be heard differently, how a move can be executed sharper, or how a facial expression can be crazier than how I teach it. You are the only you, and I couldn’t ask for anything more!

With this class being fusion (currently the most fitting way to describe choreography associated with multiple styles), my style is inspired by elements of hip hop, waving, popping, and contemporary. Fusion choreography incorporates many types of movement, so I want people to understand and be comfortable with practising versatility with different vibes and interpretations. One class could be intricate and emotional, another could be bouncy and cheerful, and another could be swaggy and confident. Expect a new vibe each week!

In my class, I am your number one fan! There will always be support in my class. “Messing up” is absolutely allowed; we are all in this space to dance, learn, and be challenged together. I expect effort over perfection. I do want to challenge everyone’s musicality, and the steps are there to help visualize the song, but in the end, how you feel the music and focus your emotions at that moment into the piece is what’s most important. 

What motivates you to dance?

Dance has given me an outlet to de-stress and foster my own creativity. Music had always been my form of escape before I committed to dancing. If you see me, half the time I will have earbuds in listening to music (and searching for new music), which constantly pushes my brain to picture how each sound or beat would translate to the body and to the viewer. Dance is consistently changing, along with its relation to music, which I find so fascinating and fun because as long as there is music, there is dance. 

As a person, I am so fortunate to have this space where I have seen growth in myself in areas such as confidence, happiness, and physical health. I have made lasting relationships with dancers who are so supportive in and of this amazing community. As part of Halifax’s growing dance community, I am motivated to share my energy and passion with as many people as I can reach and to innovate the dance culture and scene here. Passion is powerful, and I love growing alongside fellow dancers. The studio is my second home where so many friends and teachers inspire me, and if I can be a part of someone else’s dance journey in the way that I have been impacted by others, it would mean the world. I would not be who I am today without dance and other dancers in and outside of Halifax!

What are some highlights of your career as a dancer/choreographer?

While my dance journey began in my hometown of Vancouver, BC, at Place des Arts and Harbour Dance Centre, my dance career began with House of Eights! I have had the privilege of training under choreographers such as Keenan Cooks, David Thomas, Chris Knowles, and Jake Kodish. I am also fortunate to have the mentorship of House of Eights’ teachers who have shaped me into a cleaner, stronger dancer and choreographer. 

I am a member of House of Eights’ Advanced Training Program, and recently performed at The Coast’s Best of Halifax Awards (2019). Some other local performance credits include Halifax Pride’s “The Bump” (2019) and TeensNowTalk’s Passport 2 You-th Success Expo for rap/electronic duo Kin Crew. 

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