Kristen Pothier

 CannaDance (Improv)

What do you want people to get from your class?

I want everyone to feel in the moment! Dance has gifted me with being present with myself, allowing me to acknowledge my body and shed some stress. When everyone is truly present with themselves dancing and sharing that energy, the glow cannot be missed.

What motivates you to dance?

Absolutely inspired by music all the time, it is the backdrop to the vision, texture, richness, and mood of movement….chocolate croissants and pizza are a close second, gotta keep my figure somehow geez!

What are some highlights of your career as a dancer/choreographer?

Dance has been part of my life for so long (23 yrs) it’s a highlight in itself! It’s where I create and express my inner visions. I love creating new choreo, and I love performing in diverse settings. There are some choreographic moments that have been intensely satisfying in my career as I feel there was an honest and direct transmission of not only the meaning of the piece but also the feeling (fear/unease, warmth/joy) I was trying to convey to the audience.


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