Jerry Burchill

Contemporary,  Jazz

What do you want people to get from your class?

Dance for me has been the sole provider of passion, growth/development, stability and confidence my entire life. So with that being said, there are so many benefits I’d want an individual to gain from my class and so many interconnected roots where an individual can progress to self-betterment. Firstly, I’d love to provide a safe, stable environment where people feel confident in having dance as an emotional outlet. Somewhere where they can come and move, feeling free to let out whatever they’re feeling on the floor. With dance I’ve discovered I can be whoever I want to be, portray any energy or feeling I have and want to release. I can truly say that nothing has ever made me feel on top of the word or been more therapeutic. And I want this for our community too. Secondly, I’d like to provide our community with a solid foundation of physical exercise and technical development. The amount of athleticism it takes to be a dancer is exponential, and there is a proper technique to a dancer’s ability. I want to provide the correct, upmost standard of dance education to our community and help build and enhance our dancers, giving them confidence and creating true, knowledgeable technicians. And lastly, I want to build a community where the arts can flourish and our environment can be considered a second home to dancers. Regardless of an individual’s training, background, ability, etc… We are all here for the same purpose: dance. Dance fam is a real thing and we are blessed to share that gift with one another.

What motivates you to dance?

I always say that I didn’t choose dance, it chose me. As soon as I took my very first class at 8 years old, it just clicked: this is what I’m meant to do. Dance has been my outlet my entire life. Any emotion I’m feeling I’m able to let it out through movement. Artistry has no limits, through dance I’ve even been able to transform into a being who is not I. Dance gives me the ability to express whatever I desire and be whoever I want to be. It’s almost like magic. Also, that feeling when you are performing on stage and you know you are absolutely slaying it… It’s pure adrenaline & exhilaration. Nothing has ever made me feel more on top of the world. Dance is who I am, forever and always.

What are some highlights as your career as a dancer/choreographer?

I would not have my knowledge/ability to dance if it wasn’t for my years spent studying/training at George Brown College in the Commercial Dance Studies & Dance Performance Studies training programs. Throughout my career in Toronto, I’ve appeared in many performances and gone on tour with professional dance companies such as Artists in Motion, Cadence Ballet & Kokus Productions. I’ve appeared in a nationally televised music video & performance for WE DAY at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. After performing professionally, I’ve been training competitive dancers here in the Maritimes. Formerly Artistic Coordinator of Dance Envy (Shediac, NB), and currently a full-time choreographer and dance educator for Dartmouth Dance Academy, DanceZone Centre of the Performing Arts, Motion Dance Centre and now House of Eights here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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