Iris Yin


What do you want people to get from your class?

I want people to feel confident,  no matter who they are. I want people to feel like they are a superstar when they are dancing. And last but not least, I hope everyone can feel happy during and after the dance class!

What motivates you to dance?

No matter how I feel at a particular moment, unhappy, sad or discouraged, as soon as I start dancing, I feel like I am a different person. I become confident, happy, and I want to bring my passion to others who dance with me or watch me dance!

What are some highlights of your career as a dancer/choreographer?

I was the captain of the school dance team both in my junior high and high school. I also joined SMU dance team after entered university. Fun fact: I have also previously auditioned to to be a K-pop trainee.


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