Dance Styles / Lyrical

Chantal (she/her), born and raised in Nova Scotia, began taking dance classes at the age of 2. She has trained in various styles such as jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, lyrical and musical theatre. She has completed dance exams under the CDTA, RAD and BATD syllabi and competed in local dance competitions for a couple years. After becoming a teacher’s assistant at the age of 12, Chantal realized her love of teaching was equal to her love of dance.

Throughout university, Chantal was a dedicated member of the DalDance Society (the largest student run society at Dalhousie University), taking and teaching a variety of classes. She even served 4 years on the DalDance council, holding the following positions: Show Coordinator, Vice-President, as well as President of the society. 
Now, with 15 years of teaching experience, Chantal has taught a multitude of styles at various studios throughout the HRM, fostering a love of dance and the importance of technique to students of all ages and abilities. She spent a few years as the Operations Manager at a local studio and is an Alixa Flexibility and ADAPT certified teacher. Chantal has trained and entered hundreds into successfully completing dance exams and has choreographed dozens of competitive routines. Chantal has taught thousands of students and is able to connect, teach and continue fostering the love of dance to all dancers, no matter their age or experience level. 

What do you want people to get from your class?

I want people to feel like they’ve gained something positive from my classes. Maybe they’ve learned a new move, or learned a trick that helped them perfect a move they’ve been working on for awhile. Maybe they’ve performed in a way they haven’t before or were able to release a negative emotion they’ve been holding onto for too long. Maybe they’ve learned some life skills or were able to live in the moment. Maybe they’ve gained a new friend or just a positive life experience. We should be able to gain something positive from every single dance class!

What motivates you to dance?

Dancing is something I have always done; it’s just a part of who I am. When I’m not in the studio I’m still pulling out tap moves when I’m waiting for something, bobbing along to the radio, doing a happy dance when I’m eating yummy food or pulling off a move at the most random time to try and get someone to smile. Dance has always been there for me as one of my greatest joys and I feel incomplete when I’ve gone too long without it!

Classes with Chantal Dubé