Dance Styles / Fusion Choreography, Jazz Funk

What do you want people to get from your class?

I create an enjoyable, challenging atmosphere where dancers learn Commercial Street choreography, build skill, find their own voice, develop and explore it. I want to light that fire for dancers to find their vibe. I want dancers to feel inspired and empowered leaving my class.

What motivates you to dance?

I like to think I’m influenced by many styles and art forms. What inspires me are pieces and artists who push the boundaries or constantly break rules and convention. To see someone’s interpretation outside of something seen as normal gets me going.

Dancing is therapeutic and helps me appreciate, internalize and tackle my own experiences through creation. Whether I’m feeling strong and powerful, soft and reflective, or sassy and bold, I have the freedom to express myself however I choose. Knowing I’m in control of my body and the endless number of ways in which I create and emit my own unique stories,  emotions, and movements is liberating and unmatched.

For me, dance is a reciprocal relationship. You get what you give. If I can give one person a feeling of connection, happiness, or an escape, makes it worth it.

What are some highlights of your career as a dancer/choreographer?

I started my dance career in Halifax, Nova Scotia with The Woods Dance Company as a company member and assistant choreographer under the artistic direction of Alexis Cormier, where I developed my street styles knowledge.

Since, I’ve been fortunate enough to expand my education and experience, studying at institutions like Millenium Dance Complex(LA), Tripoli Studios (MTL), Underground (TO) and extensively at Broadway Dance Center(NYC). I studied in Broadway Dance Center’s Professional International Student Program, where I had the privilege of training under the mentorship of Neil Schwartz and Luam, auditioning for Dana Foglia, and learning from world-renowned choreographers including Jermaine Browne, Hollywood, Mishay Petronelli, Tricia Miranda, Gil DuDulau, Jake Kodish, and Parris Goebel.

In 2015 I co-founded smallFORTUNE Dance Crew, and have continued building my skill and resume. I’ve fused my professional education and personal experience to define my own stylistic approach while performing and choreographing works for screen and stage. This can be seen in my choreography for Mikaylaa States’ music video, “Right Move” and Walrus’ “Furskin Coat”.

Some choreography and performance credits include We Day, A Tribe Called Red, Neon Dreams, 201 Dance Company, Vardaan Aurora, Future Forest Festival, and opening for Martin Luther King III.


Classes with Cavell Holland