From absolute beginner to advanced, our courses aim to help you grow as a dancer and gain confidence, all while making new friends!

While our drop-in classes focus on choreography, our progressive courses are usually geared towards technical development, skill building, and video projects.


Level Guide


Open to all levels looking to try something new. Course focus can range from freestyle exploration, to follow-along dancing, and stretch & strength.


An introductory level for Absolute Beginners.

A fun way to get introduced into dance, our beginner level courses focus on grooves, foundational movements, terminology, the basics of counting, and learning how to connect with your body in an upbeat and welcoming environment. No experience needed!


Build on the basics by learning new moves and variations, strengthening your body-awareness and musicality, as well as developing skills for choreography pick-up, retention, and performance.

We recommend completing an Intro course for the respective style or having some previous dance experience to take this course. If you’ve danced in the past but it’s been a while or you want to strengthen your foundations, this is a great way to brush up and build on the basics.


Build upon Beginner level techniques such as grooving, body awareness and musicality, while focusing on more intricate movement, enhancing your technique, and experimenting with speed, levels, and textures!

This level is tailored for dancers with experience but who wouldn’t consider themselves “Inter/Advanced” yet and want to work towards being more comfortable in higher level classes. We recommend completing the Beginner level course for the respective style or having at least 2 years of previous dance experience to take this course.


This course is designed to challenge experienced dancers with extensive dance training and want to challenge themselves to reach their fullest potential in a fast-paced learning environment.

The focus for this level will be to work on advanced technique, texture, grooving, presence, and performance.

We recommend having extensive dance experience to take this course, (minimum 4+ years previous dance experience), as well as technical training in the style.


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